i’m following a lot less people than i was before but idk what happened so if we were mutuals please tell me so i can refollow you idk what is going on

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Plumes. 2013 . Oil, enlamel, on wood . Cm 36x27 www.agostinoarrivabene.it
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Thomas Robson
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The wind is the Moon’s imagination wandering.

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Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone

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Sa Pa, Vietnam | 35mm Canon AE-1 Program (by Nathan O’Nions)
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what if you could pop your eyeballs out of your skull and put another person’s eyeballs in and see what they see but then you realize they see things completely differently and you just want your old eyeballs back but they’re stuck and you can’t get them out and now you have to live with someone else’s eyeballs

i think i’ve just accidentally written an episode of American Horror Story

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