4 Uses for Customized Stickers

You might not know this, but the customized sticker business is worth millions of dollars per year. There are countless people who use customized stickers on cars, vans, helmets, windows, key chains, backpacks and water bottles.

So what’s the appeal of customized stickers? How can you take advantage of this craze for your own benefit? Here are just a few ways to use custom stickers.

1. Brand Awareness

Many businesses are using stickers to build their companies from the ground up. Whether it’s handing out free branded trinkets or applying a sticker logo on their products, they’re making sure that their colors and slogans are out there. It’s not a bad way to raise brand awareness, especially when freebies are involved, so it’s becoming increasingly popular with CEOs of all types.

2. Sponsorships

In the same vein as the above, many brands are using stickers as a way of broadcasting their sponsorship of students, sports teams and other groups in their community. It’s a lot easier to slap a sticker on a helmet than sew a company name on a baseball uniform! It’s cheaper for the business, too.

3. Names and Identities

This is a favorite of parents and kids alike. Personalized stickers make great decorations for a child’s room, especially when the stickers spell out something fun like their name or a quote from their favorite storybook. Parents have also been known to use stickers to “tag” their child’s backpack or lunchbox before they go off to school.

4. Political Afflictions

It’s the age of politics, and many people are using buttons, badges and bumper stickers to declare their political views to the world. However, it can be difficult to find a preexisting item that perfectly expresses your opinions. This is where personalized ones can come in handy: They can be printed to say anything that you want to say about how you feel.

These are just a few ways to personalize your stickers. Whether you’re promoting your band or your brand, let customized stickers help you increase visibility for the things that matter to you.