Aeration and Overseeding In-demand Service in Lawn Care Service Business

Aeration and Overseeding Service Guide

If you want to start a lawn care business, omaha aeration and overseeding service are one of the best ways to begin. This is because aerating your lawn will aerate the soil in order to mix in air with water and fertilizer. The aerated soil enables grass roots to grow deeper, making them stronger.

aeration and overseeding service

Aerating turns compacted soil into looser soil which allows the root systems room to breathe.

Overseeding stimulates new grass growth. As an overseer, you are basically helping nature by sowing seeds that have been customized depending on the condition of the current grass. Fresh seeds are grown alongside existing ones, so not all areas require reseeding. Overseeding can be done anytime during the year, but late summer and early fall (August to September) is the optimum time as it takes advantage of natural grass growth.

Overseeding helps strengthen existing lawns by giving the new seedlings the right nutrients and access to water .

You can aerate and overseed on your own, but if you don’t want to and would prefer more hands, think about hiring employees. You can even hire a full-time or part-time aeration and overseeding service employee depending on how much work you will undergo on a day-to-day basis. However, make sure that this person is trustworthy as they will be in charge of tools such as aerators, rakes, seeder machines, lawners, post hole diggers, weeders, rollers, etc. Some of this lawn care equipment can be very expensive, so you don’t want your aeration and overseeding service business to experience losses in that area.

Employees will help increase productivity and save time .

Hiring a lawn aerator is much cheaper than buying one for personal use. There are many aerators and related equipment in the market, and hiring aeration and overseeding service aerator may cost $75 to $100 per hour depending on the company’s rates. This means it’ll only take 2 workers 2 hours to aerate a quarter-acre lawn which will usually require at least 4 passes with the aerator (1 pass frontwards, 1 backwards). With this figure, aerating the lawn only takes an hour and a half.

Hiring aeration and overseeding service employees are much cheaper than buying aerators .

There are many aerator rental businesses so you can easily find one near your area and compare rates. Make sure to call them first before visiting their place for inspections as some companies charge inspection fees. Also, ask if they include transportation expenses or not as it may be too costly for you to deliver the aerator yourself especially if your business is just starting out. You can also hire aeration and overseeding service equipment on weekly basis instead of daily because several lawns will require aeration once every 7 days depending on their conditions.

Weekly rentals are more cost-efficient than daily rentals .

As aerators can aerate an entire 1/4 acre yard in just 30 minutes, you’ll need to spend at least $2,500 on aerating and reseeding equipment. The rates will be lower for aeration services that require less passes with the aerator. If you’re willing to pay employees $25 per hour for 5 hours a day, it’ll cost around $6,000 or less as they can do 4 jobs (8 passes each) in a day. For weekly rental agreements, make sure to ask how many days you can use the aerator as weekly plans tend to be very limited.

Weekly aerator rental fees is more preferred as aerators aren’t used every day .

Customizing a lawn is a lot different from aerating and overseeding it. With either aeration or overseeding, the grass will still grow but only in certain areas. Customization requires applying fertilizer on specific parts of the lawn depending on its needs. In most cases, fertilizers with high nitrogen levels are applied to weaker parts of the lawn while those with higher potassium levels are applied to stronger areas. You can also apply fertilizers that have high phosphorus levels for greener grass overall just as long as you don’t overdo it since these 3 types of nutrients compete with each other for absorption by the plant roots.

aeration and overseeding of Elkhorn lawn care

Fertilizing specific parts of the lawn can help optimize its overall condition .

Fertilizer application is usually made by hiring aeration and overseeding service businesses. A typical lawn takes around 1 to 3 months to recover from aeration or overseeding depending on its current condition. If your aerated or seeded lawn doesn’t look any better after 2 months, it may be too late for it and you’ll need to aerate or reseed again. However, make sure that the aerator has the right equipment for aerating and reseeding before hiring them as some companies don’t perform both services and others charge high rates because they claim their aerators are specialized in aeration only.

Aeration and reseeding services are typically hired since aerators can aerate and seed at the same time

You should hire aeration and overseeding service employees if you want to save up on costs. Different aerators have different rates so it’ll be easier for you to compare them over telephones. Also, make sure that they can do both aerating and overseeding as some aerators may only do one or the other. The lawn will look better after aeration but it’s still not yet ready for overseeding. Your clients need to understand this concept first before hiring your services because overseeding a lawn won’t take effect immediately. If your workers don’t provide good customer service, there’s a high chance that they’ll end up losing customers to aeration and overseeding service providers.