Deal: save a few quid off an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with a 1-month contract

You’ll have to trade many portraits of Her Majesty to grab an iPhone 8. Carphone Warehouse has a slightly better deal than the £700 that Apple charges – you can get the 64GB phone for £660 and a one-month contract on Vodafone, O2 or EE.

That single month will cost you between £14.5 and £17. You don’t get much data or call time, but you can switch to a better plan in 30 days. Keep in mind that most subsidized deals for the iPhone 8 typically ask for £50 a month for two years, so you’ll get over the £700 SIM free price pretty quickly.

If you’re interested in more storage, the 256GB model is available for £810 (Apple wants £850). Both versions will be delivered by September 26 (next Tuesday).

The iPhone 8 Plus is available for £760 (64GB) or £910 (256GB) with similar 1-month contracts (official Apple prices are £800 and £950).