The most effective online marketing strategies for business

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Marketing is a key part of the overall strategy for the success of any business. With a sound marketing plan in place, your organization will get its message in front of the general public, so they know what you do and where to find you. Quality marketing also tells potential customers why they should choose you over competitors and will generate lots of hot leads. When it comes to building a brand and image that the public readily recognizes, marketing is the lynchpin of it all.

While there are many traditional forms of marketing to take advantage of, online marketing strategies are well worth investment. As more and more consumers conduct their business and lives online, it makes perfect sense for your company to invest in creating and maintaining an online presence.

What are the best online marketing channels?

Online or digital marketing has come a long way since it first started in earnest. Here are some of the best ways to use it right now to help your business grow:

  • Online advertising – in the same way as traditional print advertising was effective when people read magazines regularly, online advertising is superb for connecting digitally with more people. You should ideally consider some kind of video content that advertises your services at least, via posting the content on a platform like YouTube.

In addition, you may also want to look at PPC ad campaigns that run online. These use specially created ads with certain keywords that show up on a search engine’s result page. The nearer the top of the page your ad appears the more likely it is that the searcher will click on it and be directed to your website. Online advertising is a hot strategy at the moment in many US businesses. Iconic Industry is one company that shows just what can be done in this area with their range of Iconic Industry articles that explain further.

  • Social media – it has been reported that 67% of consumers use social media for customer service queries. That figure indicates how powerful it is a means of connecting with your audience and marketing your business. Take the time to find out which channels your core audience uses and then post relevant content there to create a buzz at optimum times. If you also engage in conversations and really show the personal side of your brand, it will help greatly with your marketing efforts.
  • Email – although good old email can seem one of the least fashionable methods of online marketing, it should not be ignored. It costs you nothing to do and open rates have been increasing over recent years as more people read email on their mobile devices. Email is a great way to deliver a personal message across all segments in an efficient way.
  • Webinars and podcasts – one of the best marketing innovations of recent times has been that of podcasts and webinars. The beauty with these is that they not only add valuable content to your site but also flag your company as an expert in your field. As they also solve problems for people, they are great at getting discovered by users and thereby raise your brand awareness. If you organize a big event through a third party like Eventbrite, you can really pull in the crowds!
  • SEO – although one of the techier means to market your business online, SEO is still essential. In effect, it is setting up your website and the content on it in such a way that you will appear higher in search engine results. That is naturally great for your online marketing efforts as you are seen by more people and are likely to generate more sales.
  • Content marketing – when you think about it, all that your customers will consume online is content. Whether it is a video, webinar or written articles, content is always at the heart of it. Take steps to market the content you create appropriately through means like social media and it will attract more customers to your main website and services.

Online marketing is worth the effort

If you are in charge of marketing for any business online marketing strategies are your friend. Not only are many of them free and easy to use but they can deliver a great return on your time when used correctly. The access that the internet gives you to a huge number of new customers is amazing and something that you need to take advantage of. With ever more consumers interacting with the world online via mobile devices, your organization certainly needs to be present in that area of marketing.