H&M to make women’s clothing sizes bigger in UK

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Growing frustration over sizing has seen Swedish retail giant H&M relabel its women’s clothing in the UK.

While the current standard across Europe sees a UK size 12 equate to a EUR size 40, H&M size conversion sees it equate to EUR 38.

The retailer announced on Monday that its UK size 12 clothes would now be a labelled as size 10, which falls into line with UK common practice.

The changes would have a trickle-on effect for all clothes up to size 20.

The changes have begun in store, but would soon be implemented for the online site.

The decision was met with approval from customers, who say they had noticed the size discrepancy for years.

One Twitter user wrote: “I’ve not bought a pair of jeans in H&M since I was about 15 because I remember how desperately panicked & humiliated I felt that I’d suddenly jumped 2 sizes or that my body was the wrong shape compared to everyone else. It might seem trivial but is hugely damaging to young girls.”

But many customers were left questioning if their usual size UK 6 would be repaced with a size 4.

SBS News has reached out to H&M to see if the changes to sizing will take place in Australia.