Honda to unveil CR-V hybrid prototype at Frankfurt Motor Show

Japanese auto giant Honda is set to unveil a prototype of the CR-V hybrid at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, previewing the brand’s first-ever electrified SUV in Europe. The hybrid prototype features revised styling that previews the forthcoming European-spec CR-V range.

This would be the first time that the CR-V hybrid prototype will be shown at a European motor show. It retains the familiar silhouette of the old model, with an evolutionary design. Wider, taller and longer than the previous version, the prototype has fresh exterior styling, with a wider stance through the broader wheel arches.

The twin-motor system in the CR-V comprises an electric propulsion motor, a 2-litre petrol engine for electrical energy generation and propulsion, and a separate electric generator. The hybrid system doesn’t require a conventional transmission so it is fitted with a single fixed-gear ratio that creates a direct connection between moving components.

The car has three driving modes; EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive. In EV Drive, the propulsion motor draws its power solely from the batteries. In Hybrid Drive, the petrol engine supplies power to the electric generator which in turn delivers power to the electric motor. In this mode, excess power from the petrol engine is diverted back via the generator to recharge the battery pack. In Engine Drive, the wheels are directly driven by the petrol engine, with an ‘on-demand’ peak power ‘boost’ available from the electric motor. In most urban driving situations, the vehicle will move between Hybrid Drive and EV Drive for optimum efficiency.

The 2018 CR-V will also be available with Honda’s 1.5-litre VTEC turbo petrol engine, with a choice of either 6-speed manual or CVT transmission. Honda has revealed that the new CR-V will not feature a diesel powertrain in European markets.

More details about the new Honda CR-V for Europe will be confirmed when the production-spec vehicle is unveiled early next year. The crossover will be officially launched in Europe in 2018.