Lagonda to be the next Bentley?

Lagonda to be the next Bentley?

Aston Martin seems to be going on an overdrive in terms of business if not in terms of building scintillating cars. After the launch of the hardcore AMR brand at Geneva, it seems that the British marque wants to get into the luxury part of motoring as well. According to a report by Car and Driver, it seems that the long forgotten Lagonda brand might be up for revival.

Andy Palmer, CEO Aston Martin, had already commissioned the Lagonda Taraf, an ultra-limited run luxury sedan that started as an Aston Martin Rapide. This was back in 2014 and seems that the pilot run has returned favourable results. Even though the Taraf carried a seven-figure price tag, there seems to be a demand for cars like these which makes Aston Martin think of developing it as a separate brand in itself.

Lagonda’s history actually spans longer than Aston Martin and the Lagonda Rapide V12 sold in the late 30s was the most expensive car sold on American soil in 1939. Lagonda was then merged with Aston Martin after WWII and slowly faded into the history books. Aston Martin built the Lagonda sedan in the mid-seventies, but after its demise in the 80s, the Lagonda moniker adorned a car only in 2014 with the Taraf.

It seems that the plans to revive the Lagonda brand are still on paper and the business case is being worked out. Aston has to be meticulous with Lagonda, for it will mean investments in millions, something that the British marque might not be able to afford right away. But if it does, the free run of Bentleys being the only sporty cathedrals shall come to an end. It might still be difficult to scale Rolls Royce’s palatial luxury, but with its heritage, Lagonda might be able to pull that one off too.