What Would You Like With Your Gas Station?

It is not very common to find a gas station that is just, well, a gas station. They are placed in combination with a variety of different businesses, which most enjoy a lot of financial success. Below are a few of the more common and interesting combinations.

Convenience Store

One of the more common combinations of businesses seen alongside, or included with a gas station are convenience stores. They are the perfect venue for offering cold beverages, hot dogs, dog food, toilet paper, coffee, and lottery tickets. It all makes perfect sense if you are after the last-minute, should have bought it elsewhere, impulse buyer. The success of this combination depends mostly on location as it requires a heavy amount of traffic going by to stay buy all day and night.


Combining full-service and fast food restaurants with gas station/convenience store combinations is an increasingly popular trend, especially along the interstate highways. This is triple hit that gathers money in from all the needs of the consumer. They are nearly packed any day of the week during mealtime hours.

Auto Repair

This is one combination that used to be a common sight but has become increasingly rare. It has a lot to do with the extraordinarily high costs of fixing automobiles. Most people have service plans that take care of oil changes and all the simple duties the gas station service centers would provide for a nominal fee.

Travel Centers

Fuel City outside of Dallas, Texas is a prime example of taking a great idea a little too far. It is a fun place, however. It sits on 8-acres and features a swimming pool, food court, indoor playground, karaoke bar, live zebra, live camels, and gas pumps, of course. There are both local and tourism dollars flowing through those doors.


Supermarkets with gas pumps out front are an increasingly common sight. Asking if the gas station or grocery store came first is a bit like asking if the egg came before the chicken. At this point, who can really tell? It is a winning combination for those that have the finances to invest.

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