Mercedes-Benz patents A-pillar external airbag

In a bid to make pedestrian injury more survivable, Mercedes-Benz has sought for a patent that involves the installation of airbags in the A-pillars to cushion the impact on pedestrians.

Reports state that when the on-board sensors detect a crash, the edge of the bonnet close to the windscreen shifts upwards while the airbags are deployed from the A-pillars. These airbags are inserted into a cloth tube which are then concealed with covers. While one end is attached to the tip of the bonnet, the other ends at the top of the A-pillar. With this design the airbag aligns with the bonnet when it slides up.

With the A-pillar airbag in place, Mercedes-Benz expects serious casualties related to pedestrian impact to reduce considerably. Despite the car maker filing for the patent in 2015, the U.S. Patent office published it only earlier this month. Although there is no confirmation from the brand, this tech may hit production cars sooner than expected.