New patent reveals Toyota’s electric/hybrid SUV intent

New patent reveals Toyota's electric/hybrid SUV intent

Sources have stumbled upon a patent filing from Toyota dated December 2016, which points to their developing an electrified Toyota SUV/pick-up truck.

This patent filing is named “Framework structure of body-on-frame vehicle.” After reading a bit further, you will find the description of a redesigned frame that can hold a battery. But the highlight is the part where it mentions about there still being some room for improvement of a structure that protects a battery unit in the event of a collision with a vehicle (a body-on-frame vehicle). The examples described include a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV), hybrid vehicle (HV), and electric vehicle (EV)!

Although Toyota has earlier displayed interest in a hybrid pick-up truck like the A-BAT concept from 2010, it’s been a while since anything materialised. Plus, we should remember that the patent filing date of December 2016 may just turn out be a pointer that Toyota is cooking something. Of course, a patent filing doesn’t necessarily mean that it may see the light of mass-production. However, it does give us a glimpse of what the future may have in store for us. Stay tune to CarWale’s news channel for more information.