13 Marketing Quotes From The Marketing United Conference


Marketers from around the globe convened to listen to top marketers share insight and advice at the recent Marketing United conference. What follows are some of the best quotes from the conference.

“Advertising doesn’t fix a bad or broken product.” Tom Webster, Edison Research

    1. “Whether you are a global brand or a smaller brand that’s just getting started, the rules still apply: you have to make me feel something.” Matthew Luhn, Pixar
    2. “Marketers who use manipulative tactics are the problem…not the technology.” Oli Gardner, Unbounce
    3. “Marketing is all about creativity, humanity, and authenticity.” Jay Baer, Convince & Convert
    1. “It’s about crafting a story that moves you—a story that inspires emotion and causes you to change the way that you live your life.” Mike Nagel, Evertrue
    2. “You can pay for views, but you can’t pay for shares.” Jenny Leahy, Microsoft
    3. “At this point, there’s no excuse for any brand not to be plugged into the voice of the consumer.” Curtis Midkiff, Southwest Airlines
  • “Email proves time and time again to be one of the most valuable marketing channels a brand can use.” Justine Jordan, Litmus
  • “Most people are scared to change the way they do business. Find someone in your organization who isn’t—they’re going to challenge your process like no one else can.” Mitch Lowe, Netflix
  • “Map your user journey, then make sure you’re constantly removing barriers that prevent users from hitting goals.” Ben Jabbewy, Privy
  • “If you try to write for everyone, you’ll end up connecting with no one.” John Lane, Centerline Digital
  • “Go narrow, not broad: We have a tendency to think ‘if I go broad, I’ll capture more people.’ But the more tightly you define yourself, the easier it is for your people to find you.” Tamsen Webster, Speaker

The Marketing United conference was hosted by Emma, a provider of email marketing software and services. The objective of the conference was to bring digital marketers around the world together to learn, network, and get inspired by some of the smartest minds in the industry. Marketers do their best work when they are all sharing ideas and learning from one another.

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