Things to Bring Back from Your Singapore Trip

It is not always that you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to exotic places with your loved ones. Sometimes they are back there waiting at home for your safe arrival, and hoping that you are having a great time. Singapore is one of those beautiful places. Apart from its natural picturesque beauty, it is blessed with a flourishing economy and many thriving academic institutions. So, if you among those that are planning to travel from Singapore and wondering what to get back from the little island country for their loved ones – fear not, we have got you covered.

As soon as you think of booking cheap tickets from Singapore to Mumbai online, start looking for a memorable and meaningful souvenir to bring back. Since your loved ones and your family deserve only the best, here is a list of souvenirs you can carry back with yourself to the homeland along with your memories –

  1. Chilli Crab Plate

Vada Pav to Mumbai, Momo’s to Delhi, Puchka to Kolkata – similarly Chilly Crab to Singapore! Singapore began its journey as a small fishing island off the Malaysian coast, and its cuisine heavily relies on the continuing supply of fresh and delicious sea-food. This chilly crab recipe is found from the smallest of the street vendor to a fancy gourmet restaurant by the bay.  Simple and stunning, you can make a great souvenir out of porcelain plates or bowls with the recipe written in beautiful bold printed designs and pictographs.

  1. The Merlion

This is the de-facto souvenir of the island country as it their well-known marketing icon throughout the world. “Singapuram” or the land of lions, for their fierce ideals and progress and the body of a fish owing to the origins as a fishing village, is how the Merlion came into existence. The Merlion Park, the Marina Bay Sand Towers, and the skylines arewhat tourists remember Singapore when they come back to their respective countries. Therefore, it is as close to getting a piece of Singapore with you as you can get.

  1. Pre-Mixes and Pastes 

The Singaporean cuisine has its own unique identity and is known for its quintessential sweet and savory flavors. In an online poll conducted by CNN International, it has earned its rightful place in the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods”. With such accolades,it is given that you bring back a taste of this magnificent cuisine back home for your family and friends to enjoy. Luckily, Singaporeans understand this need, and there is a plethora of pre-packed, ready-to-eat and preserved food items available around every corner. Jerked meat, Kaya pastes, laksa pastes,etc. – you name it, and it is ready to be packed and shipped.

  1. “Fine City” and Other T-Shirts

As I have mentioned before, Singapore is a city that values its culture, roots, and heritage. Therefore, some odd activities and products are banned that tourist will find amusing. These banned products and rules are designed onto t-shirts and are sold as souvenirs everywhere. These are hilarious to read and will elucidate an amused response from whomever you are planning to bestow it to. Along with these “Fine City” t-shirts, you will find other t-shirts with quotes like “I <3 Singapore” too if you are looking for more somber options.

  1. Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicine or traditional remedies are also an awesome option if you are looking for something that not only is valued for its aesthetic value but also its high utility. These include various herbs, spices and essential oils that result in various therapeutic, pharmaceutical, cosmetics as well as psychological effects. However, make sure you pay a visit to a reputed apothecary to buy trusted products and not hoaxes.

  1. RISIS Orchid

One of the most magnificent flowers in the world and Singapore’s national flower is the orchid. 24 carat gold plated orchids are truly a vision to behold, and they are found incorporated in various articles of jewelry, cutlery, accessories, clothing and even furniture. It is a souvenir that is going to get the hearts of your loved one’s racing.

So, if you are in Singapore right now and are getting home sick grab the best souvenir you can and book cheap tickets from Singapore to Mumbai online from any of the top travel websites.