Top nine cars spotted testing at the Nurburgring in May

Top nine cars spotted testing at the Nurburgring in May

Summer is here and with warmer temperatures, manufacturers have now begun to push the testing of their cars in the direction of high performance. One of the most obvious signs of this change is the shift of test vehicles from the mountains to the long straights and double chicanes of the mighty Nurburgring in Germany. The common ground for all vehicles of performance, it has become a practice for most major manufacturers to bring their models to the ‘Green Hell’ to improve  or smoothen out handling of their vehicles. The start of this summer has given our spy photographer a large repertoire of vehicles to shoot and here is a collection of the top nine vehicles spotted testing at the ‘Ring in May.

BMW’s mid-size SUV will undergo a major update in the form of a new generation within the next few years.  Here then is a mid-stage test car doing laps around the ‘Ring and by the look of things, the X5 will retain the current car’s crossover silhouette but change its overall appearance. Expect a large number of changes under the car including a new platform.

Next generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class
A regular fixture in our spy stories, the next generation is expected to take over from the current A-Class sometime in 2018 as this highly successful second generation model has already been running for five years. It will get a revised design and probably pick up much of its underpinnings from the German automaker’s collaboration with Nissan.

Lamborghini Urus
The SUV craze is going picking up heat everywhere and it now looks like one of the last bastions of pure performance, the Lamborghini, too will be coming over to the high riding side. It will introduce the Urus SUV to the world in production form in 2019 and this SUV will be offered with the Italian automaker’s massive V12 mill which powers their flagship hypercar, the Aventador.