Top Real Estate Opportunities At Home And Abroad In 2019


With interest rates rising, real estate is expected to cool off in 2019. But it will stay hot in selective markets, both at home and abroad.  That’s according to real estate experts who identify investment opportunities both at home and abroad.

At home, real estate will be hot in certain “emerging” market segments of the real estate industry: warehouses, assisted living, and co-working spaces.

“Warehouse prices both for sale or lease will continue to increase because of the increased demand for warehousing and low inventory,” says New York-based commercial real estate expert Chris Pesce.

There are three factors behind this trend, according to Pesce. One of them is tariffs. “Changes in the increase of tariffs on imports are pushing more manufacturing to take place in the US,” he notes. Then there’s on-line sales. “The general year over year increase in online shopping has led to more businesses needing space for stock to ship both locally and nationally.”

And third, there’s demand for traditional warehousing. “There is also always the need for warehouse space for all of the service trades such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other contractors which are trades that are always needed,” says Pesce.